3 Quick and Easy ways to decorate your Disney Magic Band

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Yellow loop. Today we are sharing ways you can decorate your MagicBands from Walt Disney World.

3 Quick and Easy ways to decorate your Walt Disney World Magic Band

So… did you recently get one of these in the mail?!

Walt Disney World Magic Band package

It’s super exciting, whether it’s the first of such packages you’ve received or the tenth. And whether you’re planning your once-in-a-lifetime trip and working through every detail or you’re headed back to Walt Disney World and have amassed an embarrassing number of Magic Bands, one thing is true: they’re only okay looking, as far as fashion accessories go.

One quick search on the ‘net will show some Magic Bands that have been turned into beautiful works of art, like these:

Use nail polish to decorate your magic band

C. reesdoodle

Use nail polish to personalize your magic band

C. Lynn Parkhurst

Nail polish can turn a Magic Band into your own work of art

C. Lynn Parkhurst

If you’re anything like me though, you’re either not at all artistic or have run out of time before you have to leave for central Florida. Fear not! There are some super simple ways to decorate that take just a few minutes, and use supplies you likely already have lying around.



That’s right – nail polish. Any color, any kind. It stays on remarkably well even when the bands are wet, and the possibilities are endless. Maybe you can use your collections it to create a masterpiece… or maybe you just help your bands “DisneyBound” a little. The sky (or your artistic ability) is the limit!

Use nail polish to decorate your Disney Magic Bands



Apply temporary tattoos to your band exactly as you would to your skin. If you want to change it every day to match your family’s outfit-of-the-day (do you do that? just me?), the tattoo comes off easily with alcohol or nail polish remover.

Use temporary tattoos to decorate your Disney magic band

C. CraftingtoDisney.com


You’ve seen it everywhere: phone cases, clothing, nails, jewelry – all covered with bling. All it takes is a little glue (E6000 is my absolute favorite heavy-duty, (nearly) all-purpose adhesive) and some gems from just about any craft aisle, and you’ve got a band fit for a princess. Or a 60th anniversary Diamond Celebration.

Add a little bling to your Walt Disney World magic band


I’d love to see your decorated bands in the comments, or on the For the Love of Disney Facebook page! Join the conversation and show off your masterpiece :)


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