2 Quick, Easy, and Adorable Halloween Crafts for All Ages

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Yellow Loop. Today we are sharing Halloween craft ideas.

Halloween Crafts

A few weeks ago my daughters were working on a school project and my three-year-old son wanted so badly to “help” them, or create a masterpiece of his own. At just the perfect time, I came across these two adorable projects that would allow him to paint just like his big sisters. Thankfully both projects were fun for all of us, made with things we already had around the house, were not too difficult to clean up, and make adorable decorations for Fall!

nolan 1

First we painted our paper plates to start our Candy Corn Bunting. The full directions can be found at Typically Simple, along with great photos.

circle 1 circl 3 circle 4

As we set those aside to dry, we began having fun creating cards from the Pumpkin Apple Stamps found at Frugal Mom Eh! The project and instructions there are a great start, we just took it one step further and put the pumpkins on the front of cardstock we had cut and folded. The kids are going to give these adorable little cards to their teachers (and anyone else they see fit!) :)

stamp 1 stamp 2 stamp 3

Once we had stamped our poor little apple halves silly, we turned our attention back to the Candy Corn Bunting. The plates were dry, and ready to be cut into triangles. We cut our plates into sixths and eighths, and switched back and forth between the smaller and larger triangles. You could definitely stick to one size or mix up the sizes even more, and make a super cute banner/bunting that way!

Two holes were punched in each corn, which only left the “stringing”. This is great fine motor skill practice for little ones!

bunting 1

I think we are going to toss our bunting in the suitcase to decorate our stateroom door on our upcoming cruise! Where would you hang yours?


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