Top Posts of 2013

top five 2013

Can I do that, having only had this blog active for half a year?  Of course I can, it’s my site.  I can do what I want.

Without a doubt, The Santa Conversation was the most visited, most shared, most talked about post I’ve ever written, anywhere.  Nearly 10 times my usual traffic read that post.  I’m blown away by that and thrilled to have started some excellent conversations, but I’m not just going to go on Page Views/Visitors for this one.  I’m taking into consideration views and visits, but also comments and discussions (both on and off the blog), or – full transparency – picking whatever posts I like best.  So without further ado, my “Top Five” for the year, in no particular order, as this one quickly draws to a close.


  • “The Gift of Going First” – this one is dear to me because it feels like I’m getting closer to defining this space.  It builds on where it all started… but in a more succinct way.  Perhaps someday, I’ll even have a title or actual direction for my writing :)  In the meantime, this has been my MO for the second half of 2013 – to go first, hopefully paving the way for all of us to realize we’re more alike than we like to let on.
  • “My (not so) Dirty Little Secret” – I hate bringing attention to this one, honestly.  It was hard enough the first time… but I would be failing pretty quickly if my goal had become to go first and allow others to borrow bravery to share their stories, then covered mine back up.  This post started some really, really good conversations with women I know – both in real life and online.  It’s important to me, if only for that reason.
  • “Miles to go before I sleep…” – this one I wrote early on.  I read it and still relate to that woman so frequently, which is one of the reasons I revisit it – for my own good.  It was the first post, though, that encouraged someone to share about his own thoughts on parenting, and is another that has allowed me to connect more with people I otherwise barely knew.  Or worse, those people who were still under the impression that I have it all together. Ha! :)
  •  “Authenticity versus Holiness” – To be honest, I just want more conversation on this one.  Are you up for it?  I think it’s a fascinating – and extremely important question – and I want to know what you think.  I still think about it, and would love to have more conversations!
  • “30 AFTER 30 (… the Adventure List)” – because the story isn’t over, right?!


So, friends, do you have a list somewhere or a link to something you did this year of which you’re really proud?  I feel like the last six months have flown by, and I *know* there are things happening I wanted to read, see, and do, but somehow they escaped me.  Please share with a comment!


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